Targeted probiotics with high efficacy.


Our R&D platform for the development of microbiome solutions

Mechanism Of Action For Target Application

in vitro Characterization

Demostrated Tolerance to GIT Stress

In vitro Proof Of Efficacy

Demostrated Scalability And Stability

Complete safety dossier & market-ready

Our products are patented and can be included in food supplements for infants and adults.

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What Is the Microbiome? A Tour Inside Our Body.

Well-Defined and Proven Mechanisms of Action

Scientific Rigor

We screen, identify and test our strains based on their metabolic capacity. 

Targeted Performance

Our microbiome solutions have demonstrated mechanisms of action to act with precision.

Efficacy Validation

We validate the activity of our products through studies in in vitro models mimicking the intestinal microbiome.

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"What Is the Microbiome? A Tour Inside Our Body."
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