Targeted probiotics with high efficacy.

SURI BioTech

We develop probiotic strains with proven mechanism of action.

Our Products

Our Products

Infant Health

Our probiotics for mothers and babies, help to establish a proper intestinal metabolism and infant gut colonization.

Athlete’s Performance

RecoBiotic, helps to metabolize lactic acid after exercise. Recover fast, boost your performance.

Want to be a Distributor?

Our strains are sold in bulk or as finished products. We offer regulatory support and marketing guidelines.

Clear Regulatory Status as Food Ingredient

Our strains are natural and belong to groups with Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS) for human consumption in the European Union.

Proven Scalability

Our strains have optimal yields using industry standard manufacturing practices.

Long Shelf-Life

We guarantee 24 months stability at room temperature.

Innovating health through science: pioneering microbiome solutions with proven mechanisms of action

SURI BioTech is a Swiss biotechnology company specializing in microbiome solutions for health and well-being. With a focus on innovation and efficacy, we develop proprietary bacterial strains with proven mechanisms of action. Our unique R&D platform ensures that we select the right strain for each application. 

We are dedicated to improve people’s health by targeting the microbiome.





Intellectual Property


Well-Defined and Proven Gastrointestinal Activity

Scientific Rigor

We screen, identify and test our strains based on their metabolic capacity. 

Targeted Performance

Our probiotic solutions have demonstrated mechanisms of action to act with precision.

Efficacy Validation

We validate the activity of our products through studies in in vitro models mimicking the intestinal microbiome.