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SURI BioTech Joins Madrid Food Innovation Hub Accelerator to Launch a New Probiotic for Athletes in Spain

SURI BioTech, has been selected to participate in the Madrid Food Innovation Hub Accelerator program. This program is dedicated to accelerating food technologies by supporting startups like ours that are addressing the various challenges facing the food sector, particularly in sustainability, business efficiency, and food security. Over the next 3 months, we, along with our 14 startups, will have access to infrastructure and industry experts who will guide us through refining our business concept as we prepare for market launch.

We’re thrilled to share that in addition to being selected for the Madrid Food Innovation Hub Accelerator program, we are also gearing up to launch a new product tailored for athletes. As we consider entering the Spanish market with this innovative offering, this program will play a crucial role in establishing contacts with local distributors, retailers, regulatory bodies, and potential partners which will be essential for a successful market entry.

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