Targeted probiotics with high efficacy.

SURI BioTech Joins Madrid Food Innovation Hub Accelerator to Launch a New Probiotic for Athletes in Spain

SURI BioTech, has been selected to participate in the Madrid Food Innovation Hub Accelerator program. This program is dedicated to accelerating food technologies by supporting startups like ours that are addressing the various challenges facing the food sector, particularly in sustainability, business efficiency, and food security. Over the next 3 months, we, along with our … Read more

SURI BioTech: Leading the Way in Probiotics Research and Winning International Awards

As a pioneering company in microbiome solutions, SURI BioTech has earned top honors at two major international competitions, reaffirming our leadership in microbiome research and development. Our journey to success began with our victory at the Swiss Microbiomes Forum pitching competition in June 2023. This win was followed by another significant achievement at the 8th … Read more

Roadshow to Boston: SURI Biotech Selected to be Part of the Venture Leaders Biotech Roadshow of 2023

From June 12th to June 16th, 2023, the Swiss National Biotech Startup Team, including our CEO, embarked on a dedicated roadshow in Boston. The select group of Swiss startups is revolutionizing diagnostic and treatment methods by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, cell therapies, processing platforms, and other groundbreaking innovations. The collective mission is to drive advancements in … Read more

Beneficial Bacteria for Soothing Infant Colic

About 20% of all babies worldwide suffer from infant colic and cry excessively during the first five months of their lives. The soon-​to-be ETH spin-​off SURI BioTech is developing a solution for infant colic using beneficial bacteria to bring relief. The birth of a child is probably one of the most profound experiences in life. … Read more

Microbiology Offers Relief for “Colicky” Babies

Throughout our Skype call at the end of April, Vanesa Rocha Martin sipped her mate tea through a bombilla, or metal drinking straw, as she sat at her laptop. Due to COVID-​19, she is also working from home, forced to interrupt her research in the lab. She is not particularly concerned, however. “As I understand … Read more